Album Eminem - Shoot To Kill (2010)

Album Eminem - Shoot To Kill (2010)
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1.Em Calls Paul (Skit).
2.When The Music Stops.
3.Despicable (Freestyle).
4.Evil Deeds.
5.Bagpipes From Baghdad.
6.No Love (feat Lil’ Wayne).
7.Warning Shot.
8.Say What You Say.
9.Spend Some Time.
12.Say Goodbye Hollywood.
13.Airplanes Pt. 2.
14.Music Box.
15.Bitch Please II.
16.Going Through Changes.
17.Hell Breaks Loose.
18.’Till I Collapse.
19.Stay Wide Awake.
21.Underground Ken Kaniff.
22.Like Toy Soldiers.
23.When I’m Gone.


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